for Butte County Supervisor



Sue was born on a US Army base in Heidelberg, Germany, while her father was serving our country. She has had diverse life and professional experiences that make her adept at problem-solving and organizational management. She’s lived in major cities and small towns around the world, giving her a unique perspective on community.

Sue traveled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to help with disaster relief. During her six months on the ground, she witnessed the outpouring of generosity to the Gulf Coast from across the country, to help in the cleanup and recovery effort.

She also witnessed the forces of greed that viewed the disaster as an opportunity for personal gain.  Prices skyrocketed, displaced people were unable to return home, and longtime residents had little say in the rebuilding of their city. We do not want to see this happen in post-Camp Fire Butte County.


Sue knows that if the people in the County, and especially in District 4, are not working together, those outside forces will decide our future for us. And that future may not include the quiet, affordable lifestyle that makes Butte County such a wonderful place to call home.

Sue is uniquely qualified to lead District 4 in this next phase of recovery.  Her background in strategic planning, public policy and community development, along with her gift of getting people with diverse interests to work together, will help guide our county into a brighter future.

Sue is currently a professor of political science at Chico State University and Butte College. She received her B.A. from Colorado State University and her M.A. from The American University, both in political science.

Her past experience includes managing multi-million dollar budgets for the State of Arizona, serving at the ‘will of the governor’ as the Chief of Grants, overseeing the Growing Smarter Land Conservation Program.

She is also a documentary filmmaker, political talk radio host, and served in Morocco as a Peace Corps Volunteer, CEO and project administrator for local non-profit organizations, as well as years of facilitating community-building efforts.

In her free time, Sue enjoys gardening, camping and hiking in the great outdoors, and kickboxing.

Sue is solutions-oriented, and has spent her entire career working to make her community better. She is ready to make the tough decisions to ensure our lifestyle in Butte County, and to get things done!  Vote Sue for Supervisor on March 3rd!