for Butte County Supervisor



Planning Responsible Housing

Housing development is a top priority, involving not just providing shelter, but it also determines who gets to live here, affordability, density and the impact on our precious ag lands. Will we be building new cities within Butte County or expanding those already here? Do we consider traffic congestion in these decisions or simply build wherever land is available? Intelligent planning must consider the long-term effects and prosperity of all our residents.

Concerns over flood control, fire, and traffic impact must be front and center in all growth decisions. Too often these concerns are not prioritized in housing development, leading to unintended consequences.  We see this today in north Chico where housing along Highway 99 was built without improving the highway, which now seasonally floods, causing not just traffic safety issues but major damage to existing homes.  We must plan better as we rebuild.

Protecting Our Groundwater

Over the past few years, we have seen groundwater depletion affect not just Butte County but our entire region. It has become commonplace for our water levels to drop, resulting in underperforming and dry wells. We must find solutions for all parties to share in this natural resource, which belongs to all of Butte County. Together we will find solutions for residents, business and industry.

Keeping Communities Safe

All residents deserve to live free of fear and hardship. I am deeply concerned about public safety and will work to find solutions to ensure all of our residents are able to live with dignity and respect. This includes not only law enforcement, but fire prevention, environmental and behavioral health. One of the largest portions of the county budget focuses on this. I will work with the other Supervisors to reexamine the way our county provides health services to obtain the best results most efficiently. New thinking is needed to solve these complicated problems of mental health, PTSD, our aging populations, and Camp Fire recovery.

Strengthening Our Economy

Growth is coming to District 4. This will provide jobs, and help revitalize our towns and cities. With this growth will also come increased population and traffic. We must plan strategically to create neighborhoods that function well and insure the lifestyle we deserve. With increased population comes more schools, hospitals, retail, entertainment and tourism, which will lay the foundation for a strong economy. Good paying jobs are key to this development and I look forward to spearheading this as your Supervisor.

Providing Bold Leadership

Leadership is what has been missing in District 4. My unique background has prepared me to represent you for my entire career; starting with the nomadic tribes in Morocco to find ways to preserve and protect their natural resources, followed by working with the State of Arizona in managing and distributing millions of dollars in grants to preserve the wildlands. I’ve managed non-profits, negotiated contracts, managed government grant programs, facilitated countless organizations and agencies to achieve sustained solutions.

These trying times demand bold leadership with a clear sense of accomplishment. It is for that reason, that I ask for your support in my run for Supervisor, as I am the best person to represent the interests of all of District 4, and create the county we are proud to leave to the next generation.