for Butte County Supervisor

Hi, I’m Sue Hilderbrand.

Solutions-oriented leadership is needed for post-Camp Fire recovery. I’ll bring diverse groups of people together, with an understanding of public policy and budgets, to re-create our future.

I have over 25 years of experience in community development; from working with nomadic tribes in the mountains of Morocco, to the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, to the current post-Camp Fire devastation. We are now at a time of great importance in Butte County, where the decisions we make today will affect us for generations to come.

It is my vision that we solve these problems in a smart way while protecting the lifestyle that we love.  We must not trade our children’s future for short-sighted gains. It is time for bold leadership and collaborative solutions to address the difficult problems in front of us.

Please join me in rebuilding this county that we call home, protecting it for generations to come.


The Issues

Planning Responsible Housing

Intelligent planning must consider the long-term effects and prosperity of all our residents.

Protecting Our Groundwater

We must find solutions for all parties to share in this natural resource, which belongs to all of Butte County.

Keeping Communities Safe

Public safety includes not only law enforcement, but also fire prevention, environmental and behavioral health.

Strengthening Our Economy

Growth is coming to District 4 and we must ensure that results in good paying jobs.

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